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Dynamic Event Notification

When automation matters the most.
BIAPAY enables you to register URLs for various events that occur in your account. When the event occurs, BIAPAY creates an event object that contains all the relevant information and posts this request with the event object to the URL in your account’s dynamic event notification settings.
Dynamic Event Notification notifies you about the events that happen in your BIAPAY account to take timely action towards it.

Smart Analytics

Transparency to the core.
We provide a beautiful set of real-time statistical reports with complete transparency to get a 360° view of your business performance in the competitive online industry. Our insightful data analytics helps analyse performance and maximize your business potential.

BIAPAY Loyalty

Users of BIAPAY are members of a family. This reward program aims at consolidating the links between you and us, and at letting you know that you count for us! Use various coupons, discounts or BIAstars to enhance your mobile payment experience.

User-friendly registration

Registering with BIAPAY is definitely a breeze. The system guides you hassle-free through simple and clear steps to your new account, in just a few minutes. Don’t worry, all personal information you entrust us is absolutely safe at any stage. And, above all, it’s free!

2-factor authentication

Your account’s security is key to us. This is why, among other things, when registering with us, we take you through a double verification process by e-mail, SMS or push notification to ensure that fraud risks are minimized. We highly recommend to turn on this option!

The perfect dashboard

Keep control easily over your transactions! Decide how the well-designed activity reports display on your screen. The best is, you don’t need to know anything about coding! And if required, just export and share your reports in various formats, including PDF and CSV.

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